An Examination of the Philosophical Account and the Feminist Critique Concepts

An Research of the Philosophical Report and the Feminist Critique Concepts

Most persons assume that the philosophical storyline can be told totally by the men

who dominate it. They disregard the insights and perspectives of nonwhites and ladies

who make up a lot of the world, while at exactly the same time realizing that if asked,

they would say that everyone's tone of voice is equally significant. Without realizing it, or maybe

some individuals willingly enter a social contract that will not allow everyone to come to be

treated equally. Women have already been cured as lesser peoples for a long time and it is only

recently that these females have begun to fight against the discrimination that has

been forced upon them for thus many oppressing centuries.

The feminist critique starts by seeking at the distinctions between men and

women and the male dominated society where we live. Females are treated differently

from men practically as soon as they will be born. As children, girls are given dolls

and boys are given cars to enjoy with, without examining to see which each is most

likely to enjoy. We treat both in various manners, talk with them in different voices,

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