A Literary Evaluation of the type John Prosctor in the Crucible

A Literary Examination of the type John Prosctor in the Crucible

The Crusible was a story with a variety of caractors. Not merely appearance wise but, with numerous personalities a together. Various caracteurs in this play thought differently in one and other. This is why this book had a few "twists and turns" to the story. In my own profiles, I will display many diverse caracteurs and theirs' several mentality.

First I am going to start with Mr. John Proctor, a.k.a. "shoulder checker". John Proctor had always issues on his mind. Individuals were always on his head. John Proctor was constantly shopping for his mistakes or mistakes, certainly not because he was picky, but his ennemis and competion had been. John Proctor was often think out the ultimate result of a predicament, like when

Betty was "spritually repossed" early on in the book (Work I, pages 6-12). John Proctor didn't value as Betty around the final opinion that the city could have on Proctor's "light and pure" name.

Much could be said about Proctor's supplying and understanding, but I don't prefer to waste that brand. Proctor's carring and ready to give persons thinks was not his best characteristic.

Proctor was always thing about him, himself and no person else, except the ultimate outcome of the whole situation. Consider for exaple the fellow that wished to get some tree off Proctor's land. Despite the fact that Proctor had probably no knowlage of the trees on his territory, he still desired a peice of the pie. Proctor sought always cash. He was money starving and cheap.

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